Fried Vegetable Fritter Recipe Savoury Shrimp ' Shake Up ' Tongue

BAKWAN vegetables alone is pretty tempting if served hot, especially if added with shrimp. As Iftar dishes these days, you can make fried shrimp bakwan savory and ' shake up ' tongue.

This recipe is abstracted from the book Dishes Bakwan & Frikadeller, Lilly t. Erwin, Wednesday (1/1/2015). Learn the first recipe below and you can start shopping for ingredients, whatever it takes. Good luck.


250 grams of flour is low in protein

200 ml water

75 gr of bean sprouts that have already been weeded root and part of his head.

50 Gr. of cauliflower or cabbage that is thin and soft diris

50 Gr. carrots, thinly sliced lengthwise

2 stalks green onions thinly sliced

3 pieces of celery, sliced

350 gr of small shrimp

Oil to taste

2 pieces chicken eggs

Subtle seasoning

3 pieces of garlic

½ TSP pepper

½ tsp salt

Seasoning (if you like)

How To Make A

1. Blend all the herbs using a blender. Then set aside;

2. Clean the shrimp clean up and discard the Peel;

3. Beat eggs and mix with seasoning already mashed;

4. put all of the vegetables and add the sifted flour and water, stirring until dough becomes one. Give water to taste not to be too dilute. After that, combine the spices already mixed with chicken eggs. Add a pinch of salt and stir until blended;

5. Preheat cooking oil, put the batter into the cooking oil of one or two tablespoons, and put the shrimp on it. Cook until it changes color and is cooked, lift, drain, and serve.