Recipe Egg Condiment with Practical Suhoor Bali

The egg is the right choice at once save for hard economic times like today, where the price of beef and chicken to ride when Ramadhan and lebaran admits. Although expensive, the egg did not lose its benefits, because it contains a high protein and other nutrients as well.

You can cultivate practical recipes like eggs with egg condiment that tastes good and could make a more festive Suhoor. The following eggs recipe seasoning bali, ala Sidomi:


½ kg chicken eggs,

1 Board of tempe

1 stalk Lemongrass

3 tbsp soy sauce

Salt to taste

1 cut the brown sugar

shrimp paste 1 cm

Water sparingly

1 sheet of lime leaves

Seasoning paste:

5 shallots, garlic, 5 ¼ kg of large red chilli, roasted peanuts, Pecans 5 round 2 thumb ginger wash clean

How to Cook:

The eggs are already washed, then boiled until cooked, then peeled his skin

Fried poached eggs until her skin looked yellow, lift and drain

Tempe cut with size 2 × 2 cm, then FRY until cooked but not dry.

Prepare a frying pan, Saute until fragrant spices finely, add Lemongrass, lime leaves and ginger. Give a little bit of water.

Enter the egg and add the soy sauce, salt, brown sugar, shrimp paste and then stir it evenly and allow it to mature.

Last tempe already fried, enter into it. Mix well and lift.

Bali seasoning eggs ready to be served with rice dishes warm for Suhoor. Good luck

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