Mini Egg Martabak Delicious Recipes for breaking the

Iftar DISH is indeed encouraged because sugar sweet food can be quickly converted to energy, but not wrong if present food savory as appetizers. For example a mini egg martabak.

Quoted from the book of 25 Recipes fried foods that are prepared by the kitchen following Alma, mini egg martabak recipes you can try at home, Sunday (21/6/2015).


2 tbsp margarine for sautéing

125 gr onions, chopped

400 gr of minced meat

1 tsp curry powder

¼ TSP pepper powder

¼ tsp salt

6 eggs

6 leeks, finely sliced

20 sheets of spring roll skin

4 tbsp margarine for frying

Cooking oil to taste

How to make a

1. heat the margarine, onions, and saute until fragrant and Wilts, stir in minced meat, stir until meat changes color;

2. Add the Curry seasoning powder, pepper and salt, stirring until meat is cooked and dry out. Lift and set aside;

3. Break eggs in the container, shake off, then enter the beef and scallions, stir well;

4. take a sheet of spring roll skin, put approximately 2 tbsp dough meat and eggs, fold dough spring roll skin until the content is located in the central part of the skin, fold resembles an envelope;

5. heat the margarine and cooking oil in a wok, FRY till dry and brownish yellow, lift and drain. Serve with pickled cucumber and cayenne pepper

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